June 2023


Defense and Clifton Residents Association (Defclarea)

DEFCLAREA, short for Defense and Clifton Residents Association, is a prominent organization based in Karachi, Pakistan. It represents the interests and concerns of the residents living in the affluent neighborhoods of the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) and Clifton. Established with the aim of creating a cohesive and thriving community, DEFCLAREA plays a vital role in advocating for the needs of its...

Real Estate Liquidity Sees 6-Month High, Signaling Strong Market Growth

Introduction to the real estate housing Market The real estate housing market has long been a key indicator of economic health and stability. It is an industry that touches the lives of millions, from homeowners and renters to investors and developers. Understanding the dynamics of the housing market is crucial for making informed decisions and predicting future trends. In this article, we will...

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