We are envisioned to see Pakistan, equipped with futuristic architecture. However, we desire to create wonders which are aligned to the
modern techniques of construction. Our objectives are defined to achieve an exquisite array of elite experiences. Also, the aspiration to
redefine the commercial experiences furnished with high-end innovations is at the core of our motive. Our discipline binds us to strive flexibly
in safeguarding the stakeholder’s trust in us. We feel more than glad when people like you consider DOLCE as their investment keeper. We aim
to introduce an avant-garde style of life through the application of world-class abilities. We’re on our way to shaping the future of lifestyle in
Pakistan, in an artistic way!
DOLCE awaits to greet you onboard, let’s embrace the future with a sophisticated touch of modern architecture.

Dolce Mall & Signature Residency

Aspiring individuals who fancy a living filled with joy, luxury, style and comfort, are revealed to a name which is a synonym of opulence and
entertainment, the Dolce Mall & Signature Residency.
The project is divided into two segments which will eventually cater a diverse populace. The Dolce Mall is designed to become the one stop
destination for the entertainment seekers and shopaholics of the city. Since the marvelous atrium of the Dolce Mall will be hosting brands in
hundreds and fulfilling the wants of thousands every single day.

Witness the Majesty!

  • Marvelous Structure
  • Designed to Live a Sustainable Life
  • Nearby to every major attraction
  • Elegant Design
  • Ultra Luxury Lifestyle
  • Deluxe Relaxation
  • Breathtaking Vistas
  • Superior Shopping Experience
  • Worldwide Brands
  • And Everything you can Expect


The epochal arcade, composed of five prominent floors, has already seized the industry by storm. Spacious shops where more liberty entertains
more opportunities are flexible to your demands. Installed with up-to-the-mark facilities, the Dolce Mall awaits to host your opulent dreams.
The illuminating atrium of Dolce Mall will soon be making strides in the fashion and entertainment segment of the community. Equipped with
cutting-edge amenities, it will be the final destination to accommodate your extravagant fancies. Also, the splendor of the lavish atrium will be a
magnificent piece of art and architecture, since it’s a part of Dolce’s artistic methodology. Our uniqueness features:

Glamorous Shopping

Whole world of unique style and fashion will be staged where nuances of paragoned luxury will be up for sale. Every step at the awe-inspiring floors
of DOLCE Mall will be a distinguished experience of embellish hospitality. Stunning spotlight of the mall will be enjoyed by the infamous worldwide
brands, hosted by us and crowded by you. The bottom line is an unbelievable Shopping Experience is waiting for you in the future.

Prestigious Fine Dine

At the prestigious Fine Dine, the delicious aroma will beckon you for good relish al fresco. A top of the world delight is a bliss which will be offered
upon each spoonful. The view of charismatic vistas and the vibrance of brilliance mastery are the unique details which will honor you along with
your feasts.

Distinguished Food Court

Join the race with hundreds of international food brands and accelerate your returns on investment at the distinguished Food Court. Never miss
a chance to treat the visitors with a special taste of yours.

What Dolce Mall offers to it’s clients

  • Customizable Shops
  • Centrally Air Conditioned Shopping Experience
  • Wide Passages
  • Capacious Parking
  • International Standard Features
  • Recreational Area
  • Unique Fine Dine
  • Exquisite Food Court

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